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Alcoholic Beverages

Ariki Pte Ltd’s roots began in the liquor trade and has grown exponentially ever since. Enjoying a very strong foothold in the Asian market, it has seen expanded worldwide and established itself as a major player of the industry in many countries.

In addition to its expertise and specialization in parallel and wholesale trading, Ariki Pte Ltd has also attained exclusive distributorship rights for niche and luxurious liquor brands in many regions, espousing its strong reputation and status in the industry.

Ariki Pte Ltd is able to provide for liquor brands as follows:


The company’s inventories all stocked in our very own bonded warehouse that is located in Singapore. Such a prime and accessible location allows us an edge in processing and fulfilling order requests immediately to many different parts of the world. Most of our company’s business activities comprises of large volume quantities, specifically dealing with only serious and genuine buyers.

Our company’s wholesale subdivision supplies stocks directly from our bonded warehouse to customers based in different segments and regions of the Asian markets, providing an extensive catalogue of wines, beers, liquors and beverages.

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