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About Us


Company Introduction

Ariki Pte Ltd is a leading trading company based in Singapore that has been proficient and active in the import/export industry since 1989. Through our wide networks of parallel channels, Ariki Pte Ltd has assumed its position as a market leader in the region offering a wide variety of products including alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, fragrances etc.

With more than 20 years of experience in parallel trading, it is safe to say Ariki Pte Ltd has established itself as a prominent member in the industry with its knowledge and expertise, guided along by sound business principles and a cost and time-efficient logistical system.

Ariki Pte Ltd is an independent trading company acting as buyers and suppliers in the open world market. For more information about the products and services we offer, please click here.

Our Values

Ariki Pte Ltd prides itself as being a trustworthy, reliable business which prioritizes building positive client relationships as its business foundation. It views each business transaction as a long-term promise and partnership, with effective communication as its fundamental platform.

We also guarantee 100% authenticity of all products we carry and have a strict zero-tolerance policy towards unethical or irresponsible industry behaviour.

Logistical Support

Ariki Pte Ltd recognizes that a healthy financial position is pivotal in the business-to-business industry, especially for allowing the company to hold large volume of stocks in its bonded warehouses. This, accompanied by its quick and responsive shipping team, greatly increases efficiency and reliability to clients based all around the world.

Our bonded warehouses are located in many parts of Asia where containers loaded and unloaded on a daily basis.

Our Leverage

Ariki Pte Ltd is able to provide very competitive pricing for all its offerings because of our wide and ever-expanding network, leveraging on its strong position as distributors and high-volume traders for many of its products for our customers’ benefit.

It also seeks to fully utilize its warehousing, forwarding and logistics expertise to allow for efficient and reliable delivery to our customers anywhere in the world.